• To stay at the forefront of the global tourism landscape, Cape Town Tourism rolled out a refreshed brand identity from May 2016. Extensive research, reviews of best practice, rigorous process and a lot of heart went into the development of a brand that is both representative of the organisation and our city’s vibrant, creative personality.

  • The reinvention of our website was a mammoth task and perhaps a risky one, considering the time and resources it required. But the impact technology is having on travel trends gave us confidence to make the investment and now it’s starting to pay off with visitor traffic increasing and international accolades coming in.

  • With our new website, branding, marketing tools and strategic partnerships with key industry role-players and DMOs, we have highlighted our city’s vibrant inspirational identity and created connections with visitors and locals. We have spread the #lovecapetown by promoting Cape Town as a city of ideas and innovation.






“The brand has turned into a statement that can be
owned by visitors as well as locals.”
Enver Duminy: CEO Cape Town Tourism

From The Chairperson


Dear Members, Partners, Colleagues and Friends

Travel and tourism is as much about us as it is them – the people living in a destination are as important as the visitors themselves. We’ve begun to see the importance of this when developing tourism initiatives: don’t just focus on the tourism rand, but remember that locals must be consulted about tourism initiatives and, wherever possible, involved. Our ultimate goal is for all locals and visitors to fall in love with Cape Town, and share that love with the world.

Over the last few months, the CTT team and I visited and engaged with small to medium tourism players in Langa, Khayelitsha and Mitchell’s Plain as part of eKasi Session roadshows. The opportunity to listen and connect with local operators and tourism practitioners was humbling and insightful. In the year ahead, I will be calling on members and partners to get involved in supporting and collaborating as we take our transformation journey forward.

As an organisation determined to develop every possible opportunity across the city, Cape Town Tourism’s board believes that untapped possibilities still exist. We don’t just want to fight over the scraps, though – we believe that with membership and industry mobilisation, opportunities can become realities resulting in a bigger pie for everyone to share.

I would like to acknowledge and thank my fellow Board members and the CTT team for their contributions and unwavering commitment to attract, welcome and inspire travellers to not only visit but to fall in love with Cape Town.


From The CEO


Dear Members, Partners, Colleagues and Friends

Over the past year, we have realised our goal of remaining relevant through reinvention primarily by introducing a refreshed #lovecapetown brand identity to ensure our uniqueness, in an over-crowded and competitive destination marketing world. Our brand is more than just a logo, it’s about living up to a promise we make every time and everywhere a visitor sees, feels or touches Cape Town. It’s about accepting and celebrating our city in all of its diversity, allowing locals to take pride in their home and continuing to offer the kind of experiences that gets visitors to fall in love with Cape Town.

With consistent visitor growth and development of products and experiences across the city, we see many more opportunities before us. Whether we are supporting emerging businesses or sharing our love for Cape Town around the world, Cape Town Tourism will continue to tell the Cape Town story to reach new audiences and continue our promise.

Cape Town itself has garnered many global accolades over the years, which is all due to the hard work the City and our members have put in. For your continued support and collaboration, we thank you and we look forward to another year of working together to unlock the hearts of locals and visitors through the magic of our city.




  • Chantelle Cole
  • Julie-May Ellingson (Vice Chair)
  • Brett Hendricks
  • Jonathan Jacobs
  • Michellene Leo
  • Colleen Louw
  • Enver Mally (Chairperson)
  • Grant Newton
  • Michael Pownall
  • Alushca Ritchie

  • Enver Duminy (CEO)
  • Dr Theuns Vivian (COCT)
  • Cllr Eddie Andrews (COCT)
  • Linda Pampallis
  • Alushca Ritchie
  • John van Rooyen (Board Vice Chair)

  • Leigh Franks (Marketing Services)
  • Lisa-Ann Hosking (Tourism Services)






"Innovating in the space where marketing and tourism merge will help translate the accolades of the Cape Town brand into tangible visitor numbers.”
Leigh Franks: Marketing Executive




  • 01

    Cape Town was once again crowned as the number one city in Africa for business tourism events by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). It is the fourth consecutive win for the city.

  • 02

    Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel guide for 2017 lists Cape Town in the top 10 cities to visit in the world.

  • 03

    Featured in expert travel guide publisher,Fodor’s Go List 2017

  • 04

    Cape Town Tourism’s website chosen as one of Skift’s 25 top tourism board websites in the world list for 2017

  • 05

    Table Mountain is one of the top 30 most photographed landmarks worldwide, according to the Xperia New Perspectives research from Sony, which used Instagram data to find the most photographed landmarks.

“We cannot remain relevant unless we challenge ourselves to introduce fresh experiences that inspire and complement tourism trends.”
Enver Duminy: CEO Cape Town Tourism


  • 01

    Cape Town International Airport (CTIA)

    Surpassed the 5 million arrivals mark for the 12-month period and demonstrated excellent growth overall; arrivals on international flights was the hero story, recording 25% growth year-on-year (YOY).

  • 02

    The increase in capacity and frequency of flights

    Contributed to the positive growth recorded by CTIA including the likes of British Airways, Thomas Cook, Lufthansa, Ethiopian Airlines, Airlink, Kenya Airways etc. The ability to add as much of this capacity in the low season months was an additional achievement by our Cape Town Air Access partners, Wesgro, Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), Western Cape Provincial Government, the City of Cape Town, South African Tourism and the private sector.

  • 03

    Accommodation sector

    In terms of the accommodation sector’s performance, growth in monthly occupancy rate – one of the key demand indicators in destination – increased every month of the financial year.

  • 04

    Increase in accommodation

    This is despite an increase in supply in both the formal and informal sector; most notably more than 15,000 accommodation units are now listed on Airbnb for Cape Town.

  • 05

    Occupancy & room rate

    The best performance for both occupancy and Average Room Rate was recorded in February 2017, which is unsurprising as this is a peak month for international leisure tourism and business tourism to Cape Town. July is again at the deepest trough for low season months.

  • 06

    Added value for our members

    CTT added two more attractions, the Two Oceans Aquarium and Chapman’s Peak Drive, to the Monthly Dashboard this year in an effort to keep adding value to our members.

  • 07

    Cape Town touristattractions

    With the exception of Robben Island Museum whose visitor numbers declined by 1% YOY, all of the other attractions reported growth with Cape Point leading the way at 20% YOY. December, unsurprisingly, remained the peak month for the attractions with many attractions achieving record highs.






    This data was extrapolated by Cape Town Tourism from the Travelport Marketing Information Data Tapes (MIDT)
    for Cape Town International Airport for 2016/17. We thank the Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) for making
    the information available to the Cape Town tourism industry.




  • 01

    47% increase in visitor interaction:

    Visitor Services interacted with 213716 visitors through our network of VICs. The biggest increase in visitor interactions were by the Airport VIC and the Mobile VIC.

  • 02

    Visitors love Thando:

    The Mobile team's interactions have increased by 33% Year on Year to 49937, due to the number of and quality of events attended. The team took part in 174 events/activations during the reporting period.

  • 03

    Service excellence:

    During the 2016/2017 period our front line team continued to provide excellent service to our visitors by scoring 88% in an independent Mystery Shopper programme.

  • 04

    Engaged members:

    CTT hosted 12 industry events covering relevant topics (e-Tourism, Halal tourism), and saw a vast increase in the number of members participating and the new contacts made. Our total guests attending events rose from 350 in 2015/16 to 1210 in 2016/17.

  • 05

    Revenue growth:

    Membership revenue increased YOY by 27.5%




“Our ultimate goal is for all visitors to fall in love with Cape Town, and share that love with the world.”
Enver Mally: Chairperson Cape Town Tourism


  • 01

    Launch of the new website

    The new www.capetown.travel website was launched at the beginning of August 2016.

    The responsive mobile-first site was built in acknowledgement of the huge growth in mobile traffic over the past few years. Mobile and tablet traffic now make up more than 60% of all our traffic.

  • 02

    Social media growth

    Social media growth has been fantastic over the past year with 15% growth on Facebook, 24% on Twitter, 155% on Instagram and 351% on YouTube. Social media statistics show that over 50% of travel sales are now happening online, with 60% of online sales being driven from a point of social media engagement.

  • 03

    Love Cape Town City Breaks Campaign:

    The Hello Weekend campaign, in its second year running this fiscal, is geared to attract domestic visitors to Cape Town over winter by offering them value driven packages and unique itinerary ideas that cater for particular preferences, such as outdoor experiences, sport, food, shopping, etc. In partnership with Kulula, the campaign elicited a 290% YOY increase in Kulula package sales mainly from JHB and KZN to Cape Town. The ‘Hello Weekend’ campaign name has subsequently been changed to ‘Love Cape Town City Breaks’ so not to limit packages only to the weekend, and can be seen on our website: www.capetown.travel/city-breaks

  • 04

    Halal Partnership with CrescentRating:

    We have partnered with CrescentRating, the world’s leading authority on Halal travel and a globally recognized independent rating and accreditation service for Halal-friendly travel services. CrescentRating has run workshops and training sessions to create awareness and help prepare local tourism businesses unlock the potential within the Halal travel market. This included an industry survey, industry awareness workshops, and physical audits of hotels, conference venues, tour operators, shopping centres, attractions, restaurants, activities, the cruise terminal and airport. A detailed report was the outcome of how to prepare the City for this growing market. Phase 2 of this programme is currently underway and is a Chef Exchange Campaign that targets restaurants.

  • 05

    Media coverage:

    We successfully positioned CTT as a positive voice of authority, in terms of tourism, and extended our media reach to a national level. Key measures of success include securing 112 pieces of broadcast coverage and 146 national placements in the year, so more than 36 per quarter. An increase of 45% on the previous year’s Advertising Value Equivalent (AVEs) amounted to R33 million. Some Tier One media successes included: Sunday Times, Business Report, Business Day, Financial Mail, African Independent, Fin24 and Explore SA for national business opportunities.



  • 01

    Audit report:

    Cape Town Tourism received an unqualified audit report rating.

  • 02


    We have remained compliant for a fourth consecutive year.

  • 03


    We achieved a current liquidity ratio of 2.06:1

  • 04

    Talent management:

    The Human Resources department (HR) in collaboration with Cebano completed an organizational wide regrading of jobs and benchmarking exercise in an effort to standardise roles and remain attractive to potential job applicants in the market place.

  • 05

    Staff engagement:

    The Power breakfast took place on the 10th of August 2016 and all staff members were invited to attend the event. The outcome: knowledge gathering, learning session, feeling of empowered, motivation for the year ahead, feeling inspired and camaraderie.

  • 06

    Work-based learning programme:

    We hosted 8 students from various training institutions.

  • 07

    Training and development:

    During 2016/2017 fiscal 73 training interventions was held for our team members.

“Tourism belongs to all who live in Cape Town.”
CTT Tourism Services Executive, Lisa-Ann Hosking



The only constant is change – tourism is a space that requires constant reinvention and creativity. Going forward, Cape Town Tourism will continue staying on-top of trends and adopting measures that will benefit our city, members and organisation, partners and visitors. In short, making sure we all #lovecapetown.



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